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A story is simply change over time, and the scale and scope of that change doesn’t matter so long as it has momentum.
A short walk is more effective in coming up with an idea than pouring all the coffee in the world down your gullet.
Frank Chimero in The Shape of Design
The delight we find in what we do is in some way lost in the moment, but captured in our memories.
Enthusiasm isn’t some sort of icing you can smear on top of anything.
Develop a point of view. Think about what experiences you have that many others do not. Then, think of what experiences you have that almost everyone else has. Then, mix those two things and try to make someone cry or laugh or feel understood.
Needs more love.

The best feedback I’ve ever gotten on my work.

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someone once told me that we come to other people’s creative work out of a secret desire and hope that someone understands us better than we understand ourselves
The beautiful thing about publishing ideas is that you get stories back. And sometimes more ideas.